STEP/Teen Kit

  • STEP/Teen Kit
  • STEP/Teen Participant's Handbook
  • STEP/Teen DVD
  • Leader's Resource Guide

Target population: Parents of teens.

Program uniqueness: Emphasis on the building blocks -- how to handle misbehavior, discouragement, discipline, AND the problems that face every parent-teen relationship.

STEP/Teen has been helping parents build close family relationships for over thirty years! This third edition of STEP/Teen not only helps parents with everyday problems such as messy rooms, moods, and meals, it also confronts today's more complex issues-drug use, sex, gangs and depression.

Seven sessions address a range of important topics:
STEP/Teen is organized into seven sessions to fit parents' busy life styles. Sessions address these important issues:
  • Understanding Yourself and Your Teenager
  • Changing Your Response to Your Teen
  • Communicating Respect and Encouragement
  • Encouraging Cooperation and Solving Problems
  • Using Consequences to Build Responsibility
  • Deciding What to Do-Part I
  • Deciding What to Do-Part II

Parent's Handbook

STEP/Teen's handbook for parents, Parenting Teenagers, includes all the essential topics of the original version -- encouragement, consequences, and the goals of behavior -- with important topics added-single parents, stepfamilies, homework, drugs, violence and gangs. Parenting Teenagers is easy to use and understand with chapter openers that provide a clear focus, at-home activities to apply STEP/Teen skills right away, and helpful index to locate topics quickly.

Convenient Leader's Resource Guide

STEP/Teen leader's materials come in a practical three-ring binder. The materials include detailed session guides and essential information on group leadership. The guide also includes:

  • Group discussion guidelines -- two versions for working with voluntary participants and those whose participation is court mandated.
  • Drug awareness sheets -- eleven handouts for parents to teach teens about preventing drug abuse.
  • Supplementary activities -- to provide additional practice.
  • Special topic sheets -- on issues such as dependant teens and managing anger.
  • Publicity aids -- to attract new members to your group.
  • Parent survey and evaluation form.

STEP/Teen features two DVDs

The STEP/Teen program comes alive through these compelling DVDs. Using real situations, the DVDs offer parents opportunities to view and discuss STEP/Teen techniques in action. As parents learn to identify more closely with their children, they open the door to better understanding. The second DVD features leader training that acquaints new leaders with the program's components, and offers suggestions for leading STEP/Teen groups.

STEP/Teen includes:

  • Parenting Teenagers -- one easy-to-read handbook for parents. Order additional copies for each participant here.
  • Leader's Resource Guide -- with session guide, reproducible handouts, activities, parent survey, certificate of participation, and additional aids on specific topics important to today's parents.
  • DVD -- videos model the STEP/Teen skills parents can use right away, and offer tips especially for parent educators. Closed captioned.
Price: $345.00

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